Xie Shan Satsuma


Xie Shan is the Chinese translation of the original Japanese name akiyama It has a unique flavor and taste that differs from other Satsumas. With harvesting starting by mid-September Xie Shan together with ‘Miyagawa’ forms a new group of easy-peeling, completely seedless, super-early satsumas.


Translations: Xie Shan, شيه شان ساتسوما, Xie Šan Satsuma, Xie Шаню Сатсума, Shan Xie, 謝シャン薩摩, 샤오 샨의 사츠마, Xie Šan Satsuma, Satsuma Xie Shan, Кси Схан Сатсума, Xie शान Satsuma, סיה סצומה שאן, Satsuma Xie Shan, Xie Satsuma Shan, 解莎嗯萨摩, Xie Шаня Сатсума, Xie Satsuma Shan, Xie Шан Сацума

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