Why am I not losing weight on a diet?

Nowadays, more and more importance is attached to a and strives to achieve a beautiful and shapely figure. The way to achieve this is regular physical exercise as well as eating valuable meals . Sometimes it happens that a person who goes on a systematically takes up physical activity, does not , and cannot . Then there can be many problems leading to this state of affairs. It could be a mismatch or a health problem. It is worth knowing the possible reasons for this situation.

Why am I not losing weight on a diet?

Before looking for the causes in health, it’s worth taking a look at your diet. The caloric content of meals must necessarily be adjusted to the height, gender and body composition of a given person. What’s more, when composing daily meals, the type of work performed, as well as physical activity, is taken into account. It’s best to go to a specialist who will take a closer look at the dishes you choose. Developing your own can end badly. It is also worth observing your diet more closely for a few days. For this, everything that you and drink should be recorded. A person who is on a diet cannot afford to snacks and sweet drinks. They are fatal because they increase the caloric value of the diet and do not ensure satiety.

When assessing your lifestyle, it’s important to identify your physical activity. Exercise intensity is very important. It is worth emphasizing the fact that different energy expenditure occurs in the case of gentle fitness classes, and different in the case of intensive training.

Why don’t I – blood tests

A very important factor in diagnosing the problem is blood count.

Improper diet leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This may contribute to the difficulty in reducing body fat. Therefore, every person on a diet should systematically perform tests such as blood count, lipid profile, fasting glucose, AST and ALT.

First of all, attention is paid to the deficiencies of iron, B vitamins. It is also worth checking if the system is not fighting infection, allergies or parasites. The lipidogram is an analysis of the blood cholesterol and triglycerides fractions. Thanks to this test, you will be able to find out if there are no fat disorders. AST and ALT liver tests may indicate the presence of liver dysfunction.

Why I Don’t Lose Weight – Basic Deficiencies

When the weight does not change despite , basic deficiencies are checked. Together with iron, it is worth testing ferritin, which informs about the stored element. By doing an iron-only test, everything can work out fine, but when you test ferritin, it often turns out that your iron stores are running low. The level of minerals such as chlorides, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium is also checked.

Why don’t I lose weight – problems with carbohydrate

Problems with carbohydrate may also have a negative impact on . To do this, you need to do fasting glucose and , in addition to glycated hemoglobin. The indication for this test is the presence of diabetes problems in the immediate family.

Why don’t I lose weight – thyroid

Another factor that makes it difficult to achieve your dream figure despite dieting may be the problem withthe thyroid gland, especially when a specific person feels additionally tired.

In this situation, tests such as TSH, FT3, FT4 and anti-TPO antibodies, as well as anti-TG are performed.

The TSH result for young people should not exceed the level of 2.5. The standard is usually 4.2. FT3, the level of triiodothyronine, is also essential. The correct reading fluctuates around the upper limits of the reference values, but not exceeding them. This is also the case with FT4, the level of thyroxine.

Why not lose weight – abnormalities in the secretion of sex hormones

Disorders in the secretion of sex hormones may be a factor that significantly hinders weight loss. For this purpose, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, prolactin and cortisol are verified. Increased levels of the last hormones often lead to problems with getting the right figure. It is emphasized in arto that in the case of cortisol, fatty tissue accumulates very often around the waist.

Diet and physical activity are the basics in the fight for a dream figure. Sometimes it happens that despite restrictive behavior in this regard, the desired results cannot be obtained. Then you need to do some important tests. The important thing is that difficulties in losing unnecessary kilograms do not always signal a serious illness. It is often the result of vitamin deficiencies.