What not to eat on a diet?

We start losing weight – put aside chocolate, replace fatty milk with low-percentage milk, and cook meat instead of frying. And the scale stands still and does not budge. Why? Well, is not so much a series of sacrifices, but limiting the products that do us the most harm – high-calorie foods and foods that negatively affect the functioning of internal organs. It is worth remembering what is on this "black list".

1. What to avoid in the diet?

The recommendation not to fat or carbohydrate foods while losing weight is a myth. Such dietary food simply does not exist. Each product contains trace amounts of these substances, and there is nothing wrong with that. The body needs all minerals and vitamins, as well as protein, fats and to function properly. Many substances are not produced in the tissues, so their consumption in food is essential for maintaining the balance in the body. The main thing is moderation and common sense in planning the daily and disposing of food.

The list of products that should be limited in order to lose weight is not comforting. It includes almost all of our favorite products:

  • sweetened fruit juices,
  • fried meats (mainly fatty ones, e.g. bacon),
  • White bread,
  • overcooked pasta,
  • lard,
  • potatoes,
  • sweets (2-3 cubes of black, are allowed),
  • sweetened drinks (also fruit juices and compotes),
  • alcohol.

Caloric products

Losing weight does not have to mean destructive and constant starvation. Just remove from the daily …

It would be unnatural to completely eliminate them from the diet – such a move would make us reach for these products after reaching our dream weight, which may result in the yo-yo effect.

Therefore, they should be limited, and any nutritional "sins" should be treated as a welcome guest, but rarely entering our menu. Let's also not forget about physical activity, which will help you burn fat accumulated in the tissue faster.

2. What to on your diet?

We should make friends with less popular and equally tasty products. They are:

  • fresh fruit juices,
  • bran, sprouts,
  • lean meats (ham) and meats (cooked and grilled meats),
  • fish (low fat)
  • frutti di mare,
  • buckwheat, barley,
  • Brown rice,
  • margarine (though not too much),
  • olive oil.

We also do not have to give up dairy products. Milk and cheese are available with different fat content – rather choose low-fat and less caloric ones. The basis of a that does not allow you to gain weight are fruits (except bananas, grapes and avocados, which should be limited) and vegetables, especially those suitable for healthy snacks (pickled vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, green peas, green beans, lentils, soybeans, etc.).

Therefore, is determined primarily by the appropriate selection of products in the daily menu. It is worth betting on those low in and with a low glycemic index. Thanks to the consumption of healthy products, our treatment will be an effective weight loss.