Three ingredients are enough to create a potion with strong anti-cancer properties

Dr. Carolyn Anders, an ophthalmologist and health promotion specialist, made a very interesting discovery. While browsing scientific publications on the treatment of breast cancer that her mother had developed, she found very interesting data on the unusually low incidence of cancer among the inhabitants of India.

According to the data of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO agenda), compared to the American population, the number of Indian women who develop breast cancer is five times lower . What’s more, people from these areas suffer eight times less from lung cancer, nine times less from colorectal cancer and fifty times less from prostate cancer.

The results of the researcher’s further research show that the secret of such a huge resistance of local communities to the disease, which is decimating the inhabitants of the West, may be turmeric, which is a permanent element of the local cuisine.

Its incredible impact on health is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. It has been proven that the curcumin contained in it is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory substance . The reputable journal “Journal of National Cancer Institute” published studies proving that the compound can significantly inhibit the process of multiplication of cancer cells in colon, prostate, ovarian, breast and brain cancer.

The famous scientist, prof. Bharat Aggarwal, biochemist at the US Department of Experimental Treatment, employee of the University of Texas (MD Anderson Cancer Center), researcher of the anti-cancer properties of herbs and known in the scientific community. After presenting the results of his analyzes to a wider group of scientists, a decision was made to conduct more extensive clinical research on this unusual substance.

While the tests are not yet complete, Dr. Anders emphasizes that there is ample evidence of its therapeutic effects.

It would seem, therefore, that regularly adding turmeric to your favorite dishes is the best recipe for avoiding a serious disease. The problem, however, was the low level of curcumin absorption, whether it was taken in the form of a spice or an extract available in the form of a supplement. It turned out that the absorption of this compound significantly, by as much as 2 thousand. percent, increases pepper, provided it is dissolved in .

In this way, a recipe for an extremely powerful anticancer potion was created. Dr. Anders recommends mixing 1/4 teaspoon powdered turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, and a good pinch of pepper . In her opinion, such a mixture should be added to salads, soups or sauces.

Remember, however, that just consuming the potion will not protect you against cancer. To reduce the risk of its occurrence, you should follow a rational and exercise regularly.