The 80/20 rule, i.e. eat what you want and lose weight

Do you get chills at the very thought of going back to the diet? No wonder some of them are really restrictive. Although they give the desired effect, they require almost inhuman effort from us. Or maybe change your weight loss style a bit? Instead of a diet, we propose the introduction of the 80/20 rule.

1. 80/20 – what is it?

The 80/20 rule is not a but a lifestyle. It consists in introducing a division into your menu: 80 percent. meals are healthy and low-calorie , and 20 percent. it… whatever we want. Simple isn't it? And how pleasant it is.

How does this translate into reality? If we five small meals a day, it means that there are 35 in a week. So the calculation is simple, 20 percent. from 35 to 7. Our weekly should include 28 healthy meals, the remaining 7 are whatever you want.

Some of us do not pay much attention to the number of meals, but to the caloric content of the dishes . No problem. We do exactly the same for counting calories. If we consume 0 kcal during the day, then healthy should be a source of 1600 kcal, and the chosen meal should be 400 kcal.

2. Is it worth it?

To go on a or not – that is the question? By applying the 80/20 rule, you will not have such dilemmas

The 80/20 rule gives freedom first of all. When using it, we do not have to blindly follow dietary trends. We also do not have to give up the evening out with friends to the restaurant, as a result losing weight is no longer associated with punishment, and with compulsion.

The 80/20 rule teaches moderation, a wise approach to healthy eating. It allows you to consciously control meal planning , and not only follow dietary guidelines .

3. Is the 80/20 rule good for me?

It is worth answering this question for yourself. Only we can rightly judge whether this way of eating is good for our body.

If we have doubts whether this rule will actually allow us to lose weight, perhaps the decision will be made by … Hollywood stars. The 80/20 rule was introduced, inter alia, by Jessica Alba. Her trainer Yumi Lee claims that this principle allows her to maintain a proper weight . In turn, Miranda Kerr – a famous model – claims that thanks to 80/20 she fell in love with again. I no longer feel guilty, no longer feel bound by rules. has become her friend. He also emphasizes that consistency is the key in this principle.

One cannot disagree with the model's opinion. If we are not consistent, we will not stand firm in our choice, the 80/20 rule may become the 70/30, 50/50, or even 20/80 rule over time. And that's not what we mean. That is why it is worth remembering every day why we do it.