Overall about obesity

THOSE WHO EAT WISELY – REMAIN Overfeeding is a pathological mechanism (distorted, sick) – but starvation also does. The key to maintaining a slim and healthy figure is proper nutrition (i.e. adequate to the biological needs of a specific human body). If you are overweight or obese – you should consult a bariatrician *. Because your problem can be solved – in a real, measurable and effective way. How?

The basis of activities is the diet – it is the undisputed and necessary foundation on the basis of which other activities can only be carried out (such as increasing physical activity or prescribing appropriate pharmacotherapy by a bariatrist, which supplements the foundations of proper eating habits). But under the slogan “DIET” – one should understand not what the colored tabloids depict, additionally describing them with the empty epiette “MIRACLE”. There are no so-called miracle or passive magic tricks that can give you immediate and permanent weight loss.

The causes of are complex, but – irrespective of them – the essence of bariatric measures is to reduce the caloric content of food. So when I say: “DIET” – I mean wholesome nutrition, containing the right amount of protein and various minerals and vitamins (in the right proportions). To be on a means: to eat; not – starve yourself. In a wise diet, of course, fatty foods and those rich in carbohydrates, such as pasta, cereals, white bread … But for dietary weight loss, you need to eat about 4 – 5 meals a day; and regularly, at fixed times. Why?
Only in this way can you speed up your and teach your body to “eat on time”. This is the only way to avoid wolf hunger attacks, which clearly leads to eating too much food at once. Only in this way will you avoid the mechanism of snacking “a little something” between meals.

Because the snack – although seemingly innocent – is extremely treacherous. It is in it that the calories present are deposited by your body the fastest, because a snack is simply an extra, i.e. surplus, meal. The human body is so “clever” that it immediately puts extra calories in the form of unwanted fat tissue. A similar phenomenon will occur if you go hungry. By starving – you will do no good; on the contrary: first you will slow down your metabolism very much (which will hinder the process at the very beginning and you will harm your body), and then whatever you eat, your body will immediately “preventively” put it “in stock” – that is, in reserve; in the form of excessive adipose tissue. Only frequent, smaller meals are conducive to a better use of their nutrients and energy. At the same time – frequent meals contribute to better and more effective burning of the energy contained in them. But – being on a low calorie for a long time can develop a constipation problem. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a in accordance with the needs of a given patient – with the help of an experienced specialist. Only he can tell when such a problem will be solved by, for example, the use of bran, and when it is necessary to supplement the diet with additional supplements or pharmaceuticals, supporting the metabolism.

Because almost never the causes of are complicated, deeper, metabolic disorders. Overfeeding is the most common cause of obesity. The first time you reach for eating unconsciously during stress should be your first sign that it’s time to accumulate knowledge about the correct eating style. Precisely so that eating will never become a dangerous, dangerous addiction for you – unpleasant not only because of the diseases it leads to, but also because of the shame which is its inherent, soul-destroying companion.

If you think that does not concern you at all, remember that your metabolism is changing, constantly evolving – over the years. And remember that it is really always better to prevent a trouble than to cure its effects.