Photo: flickr user isaac’licious

Gyokuro Tea


The highest grade Japanese green tea. Gyokuro’s name refers to the pale green color of the infusion. The leaves are grown in the shade before harvest, which alters their flavor.


Translations: Gyokuro Tēja, Yin & Arbata, Gyokuro Ceai, Gyokuro trà, Gyokuro urządzenia, Gyokuro चाय, Gyokuro Chá, Gyokuro чай, Gyokuro Τσάι, Gyokuro الشاي, Gyokuro 차, Gyokuro čaj, Gyokuro Teh, 玉露茶, Gyokuro te, Gyokuro čaj, Gyokuro תה, Gyokuro te, Гиокуро чај, 玉露茶, Gyokuro Thé, Gyokuro, Gyokuro Te, Gyokuro té, Gyokuro чай, Gyokuro чай


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