Emmentaler Cheese


A style of dense cheese with large holes originally from the Emme valley in Switzerland. Often considered one of a class of cheeses described as “Swiss Cheese,” though it is now produced in many countries. Good for melting, Emmental has a deep nutty flavor.


Other names: Swiss Emmenthaler, Emmental, Emmenthaler

Translations: Ementāles siers, Emmentaler sūrio, Brânză Emmental, Emmentaler sira, Ser Ementaler, Emmentaler kaas, Emmentaler पनीर, Queijo Emmental, Эмменталь сыра, Τυρού Emmental, Emmentaler الجبن, Emmentaler 치즈, Ementál, Emmentaler Keju, 艾蒙达乳酪, Formatge Emmental, Ementalskega sira, Ementál, Emmentaler, Emmentaler גבינה, Emmentalerost, Ементалер сир, エメンタールチーズチーズ, Fromage Emmenthal, Emmentaler Käse, Emmentaler ost, Queso Emmental, Емменталь сиру, Emmentaljuuston, Emmental, сирене

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Jarlsberg cheese

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