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Diet 5: 2 – principles, advantages and disadvantages

does not have to be based on sacrifice alone. This is confirmed by the diet prepared by Dr. Mosling, in which we do not have to give up our favorite dishes. Let's check what the 5: 2 diet is all about and whether it is healthy.

The 5: 2 diet was created on the basis of research that confirms that short fasts allow you to lose unnecessary kilograms, increase sensitivity and lower cholesterol . Diet author Dr. Mosley personally tested the developed diet. He lost 8 kg in 3 months, he declares, and his high sugar and cholesterol scores improved. The 5: 2 diet significantly reduces the consumed two days a week. Daily men should not exceed the threshold of 500 kcal, while women 600 kcal.

1. Diet 5: 2 – rules

On days devoted to caloric cuts, we should not give up eating. It is recommended to two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) during this period, between which there should be a 12-hour break. Consumed products should contain large amounts of protein, thanks to which they will be filling. Ideally, the should be based on fish, poultry and vegetables. A modified version of the diet prepared by Dr. Spencer allows you to enter a third meal (fruit or vegetable). Lenten days should not be consecutive.

2. Diet 5: 2 – advantages and disadvantages

Dr. Mosley's diet allows you to lose about 0.5 kg per week. Additionally, it provides psychological comfort because it does not impose many restrictions. According to Dr. Kristy Varanda, dieters do not tend to overeat after fasting. However, the diet may not work for greedy people who exceed the recommended daily caloric dose for an adult several times. The best results will be achieved when the number of calories on normal days fluctuates around 0 kcal.

According to Dr. Mosley, the diet prevents the yo-yo effect because during its duration we constantly the same products without giving up our favorite foods. With Dr. Mosley's diet, we can what we want, but we should do it wisely.

3. Diet 5: 2 – is it healthy?

The 5: 2 diet is not the healthiest one. Some people believe that it leads to . The days of normal eating, intertwined with fasting, strain the digestive system and can upset it.