Children’s diet – healthy fast food

For most children, a visit to Mc Donald is a dream come true. They fatty fries, hamburgers, highly processed foods. At the same time, their parents tremble at the thought of the delivered to the body. It is known that we will not encourage young people with ordinary chops and boiled with dill. However, you can try to change their dietary preferences by serving healthy fast from time to time.

Children’s diet – healthy fast

The so-called “quick” dishes are very popular among the youngest. However, they have little to do with healthy and balanced eating. They are high in calories and nutrient-poor at the same time. However, there is good news: most of the dishes that are so popular with young people can be easily slimmed down. Thanks to this, we have a chance to take care of the health of our little ones.

Dietary fast

The caloric content of this type of dishes can be significantly reduced if we prepare them at home. It is enough for us to introduce minor changes to the well-known and popular dishes, and the result will exceed our expectations. Virtually every child loves pizza . You can significantly reduce the number of calories in this dish if you use low-fat cheese. Put a lean ham on top, instead of the traditional salami. If we prepare a sauce together with our kids and decorate it with fresh vegetables, we will get a dish that is much healthier than a frozen pizza from a supermarket. If you feel more confident in the kitchen, try making your own cake. Then it is worth using flour to increase the amount of fiber and nutrients.

Another dish our children could die for are burgers. Although it is commonly believed that it is one of the most calorific dishes, even it can be successfully slimmed down.

It is enough to prepare a cutlet of lean meat and fry it in a grill pan without using fat. For this we can use fresh and a homemade sauce. It is a very good idea to use whole grain rolls. If your children like culinary experiments, you can offer them a hamburger with a lentil or beetroot cutlet.

French fries and crisps are one of the most popular fast food. If we prepare them ourselves from and fry them only in fresh fat, they will certainly be healthier than those prepared from ready-made semi-finished products. It is worth trying to prepare fries from other vegetables. Cut into strips: carrots, parsley, are perfect for this. Instead of frying, we can bake them in the oven, drizzle with a little olive oil. We prepare chips in a similar way. Just slice your favorite vegetable. It can be celery, potato, beetroot or even sweet potato. Just like vegetable fries, we prepare the chips in the oven.

Tortilla is a slightly less caloric dish than the ones presented so far . However, even this dish can be made even healthier. All you need to do is use flour pancakes (they are available in larger stores), and instead of breaded chicken pieces, we will use grilled meat. In this way, the prepared tortilla will not only be tastier, but also better absorbed by the body.

Healthy fast food – an idea for family cooking

Thanks to the above examples, you are able to prepare tasty and wholesome dishes at home. They can be a great alternative to the ubiquitous fast food. When properly served, they will surely appeal to our tasteyouth.

Another value can be cooking together. Not only a teenager, but also a slightly younger child will be able to cook many dishes on their own or with a little help from an adult.

Thanks to this, we will have a chance to convey our fascination with healthy cuisine to our children. Cooking together promotes conversation and helps strengthen family ties. Thanks to this, we will not only cause our children to healthier nutrition, but also have a chance to improve our relationship with the younger generation.