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Diet for weight gain

Beautiful, slim, eternally young … Such slogans appear most often in the media. After all, striving for a young appearance and a slim figure is a priority today. That is why various types of methods are so popular that make you burn extra fat in a wonderful and painless way. Of course, at an express rate! However, people who pursue the opposite goal of weight gain are often forgotten. It seems very easy – is it really so? Let’s check!

Why do we want to gain weight?

The purpose of achieving weight gain may differ depending on which group it affects. The most common reasons for wanting to gain weight include:

  • women: the desire to have feminine, rounded shapes
  • men: the desire to have a muscular, bodybuilding figure
  • athletes: reaching the required body weight for the selected weight
  • category before sports competitions malnourished and debilitated people with a severe disease (e.g. cancer): faster recovery, resolution of persistent symptoms associated with malnutrition (e.g. weakness, exhaustion of the body), improvement in the quality of life

How can I tell if my body weight is too low?

The best way is to determine your body fat percentage. For this purpose, use a body composition analyzer available in dietary offices. The guidelines vary depending on the age and gender of the subject. On averaging the results – women should not have a level lower than 20% of body fat, while in men the ratio should not fall below 15%.

However, the most popular step is to determine the body mass index (BMI):

BMI [kg / m2] = body weight [kg]: height2 [m2]

If the result shows a value below 18.5 kg / m2, then we can say that our body weight is too low.