Category: Diets

DIET For many, going on a diet is associated with starvation, giving up your favorite dishes, replacing what is good with meals that do not encourage you to eat. However, can we define the diet with this? Is this how it works? Of course not!

Diet is primarily a way of eating. While it is often about slimming diets, it really should be about the diet of each of us. The transition to a diet is not about giving up food and heavy weeks of starving and forgetting what’s good. Diet is primarily a way of life, so eating products that are good, valuable and nutritious for us.

It is known that our diet should not eliminate sweets, but it should certainly limit them if we eat too much of them. This is also the case with the consumption of fats or other ingredients, the excess of which affects not only the deterioration of our appearance, but also the emerging diseases and mental ailments.

Diet as we wrote is a way of nutrition. Of course, a slim person is on a diet, who eats a given group of meals, and on a diet, there is also one who wants to lose some kilos through healthy eating. Depending on the choice of specific meals, the diet may have a different name and take a different form.

One thing is certain, however, and we should remember this – a diet is not a fasting, there are no ways to not eat. Diet is simply a way to eat healthy.