Anti-cancer diet

The fight against cancer is extremely hard and debilitating. No wonder that the growing awareness of the public about cancer has led to the search for new and more prophylactics. People are more likely to be tested, because as you know – early detection of a disease is a greater chance of curing it. Lots of people also practice a proper lifestyle and diet. So that the risk of falling ill is kept to a minimum. Some time ago, scientists proved that the anti-cancer exists! Moreover, according to some data, it may minimize the risk of developing about 40 percent of cancer subtypes.

The basis of a preventive is primarily and fruit. It is mainly about their interaction, not the interaction of individual ones. A balanced is also characterized here by large amounts of fiber, whole grains and plant substances.

What is the anti-cancer diet?

The first key principle of the anti-cancer is to take advantage of the seasonality of products . This means that fruit and that appear at certain times of the year should be included in the menu. Eating in accordance with nature and its gifts can have a beneficial effect on our health. What’s more, when composing subsequent meals, it is worth playing with the colors of individual ingredients. The most colorful and fruits have been shown to be the richest source of antioxidants, and it is best to have at least three colors for every meal in your anti-cancer diet.

In addition, it is also worth taking care of the so-called hygiene of eating meals. What does it mean? Among other things, the fact that it is best to buy products that come from organic farming. If, for any reason, it is impossible, we must remember a few basic rules.

Before eating, thoroughly rinse and fruit so that pesticides are removed from them. Then we peel them, and although we deprive them of a large amount of vitamins in this way, the residue of harmful substances is also eliminated. And that’s the most important thing.

As you can see, the anti-cancer is relatively simple and undemanding. What matters most is the rational selection of products and their subsequent preparation. But what ingredients should you focus on the most? What is most effective for cancer prevention?

Anti-cancer diet –

The basis of the anti-cancer are fruits and vegetables. However, in order for them to have a real impact on our health, we must them five times a day! The World Health Organization even recommends eight such servings. However, if you focus on the first variant, it should be presented in the following proportions: three portions of and two portions of fruit per day. By eating natural products, we high-fat foods. We provide our body with natural, plant substances rich in vitamins and minerals.

In addition, and fruits are distinguished by a huge amount of antioxidants in their composition. And these show protective properties for humans. The very fact that we live in a time when the natural environment is heavily polluted should give us for thought. Our demand for antioxidants is growing all the time. Add to this the anti-cancer properties of these products, it turns out that they are really necessary in the anti-cancer diet.

Anti-cancer also giving up salt. Its abuse leads to many diseases, including stomach cancer. Of course, you do not have to give up other and give your sterileform. After all, it is enough to replace with herbs, or basil.

Of course, bearing in mind the principle that fresh herbs are added to the dish at the very end of cooking. Thanks to this, they will retain their health-promoting properties and really help us.