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American diet

The American was developed by Dr. Johan Hempere. This is an effective slimming diet, recommended especially for overweight people. She quickly gained recognition from movie stars and became popular in the Hollywood community. Therefore, its other name is the Hollywood Diet. If you want to lose weight quickly, but you want to do it healthily, it is worth learning about and following the American diet.

1. American step by step

The American is based on reducing the number of calories to 1200-1500, so it is especially recommended for people who are overweight. Minimizing calories in meals must be gradual, for example, reduce the caloric content by 200 every week. After reaching the desired weight, you can slowly increase the caloric value of your meals , keeping in mind a few principles of effective weight loss with the Hollywood diet.

  • The daily menu must include bran, natural yoghurt, yeast, sprouts and onions. These are important components of a healthy diet. Bran and fermented milk products support digestion, yeast helps maintain the proper concentration of glucose in the blood, and sprouts and onions strengthen the body's immunity.
  • Eat small meals five times a day at specific times.
  • Before going to bed, drink the yeast drink, which is a rich source of B vitamins. Dissolve a teaspoon of yeast in hot water, and drink it when it is slightly cool.
  • Drink plenty of still mineral water, herbal teas or green or red teas to cleanse the body.
  • Cook, stew and grill the dishes. Make sure your meals are varied. The American is a varied .
  • Avoid animal fats. So give up fatty meats, dairy products and meat.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of the American

The American Diet is an effective slimming diet.

It is varied and therefore beneficial to health. It improves metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails. Although the meals are small, you eat them quite often and therefore you do not feel hungry. In addition, the dishes are easy to prepare and inexpensive. However, the Hollywood diet also has its weaknesses. It requires accurate calorie calculation and strict adherence to meal times. In addition, for some people, limiting the intake of 1,200 kcal per day may be difficult to achieve.

The American diet should be used by people who are overweight, with slow metabolism and people with skin problems. The Hollywood diet is also a good way to lose weight for busy people, as it doesn't take long to prepare meals. However, it should be remembered that when using this slimming diet, sugar, sweets, salt, animal fats, fatty meats, meat, milk and its products with a high fat content are prohibited. However, it is recommended to eat whole grain bread, lean meat, dairy and fish, onions, bran sprouts and yeast. By following the rules of the American diet, you are able to lose up to 7 kg in three weeks. If you combine a healthy diet with physical activity, the results of losing weight can be really surprising.